Hazard fire & Rescue


Welcom to the HFD website.Hazard fire is split up into 2 stations.The image below are all the rigs that HFD has.ENJOY yor tourthrew the HFD website.Also all of our rigs have wheelen light bars.NOTE:all of the rigs arnt here yet still working on getting tm p thank you!

This is ladder 1 next to it is car 1 the main cheifs car in the town.Car 1 is a 2000 chevy surberbn it carries a BLS medical bag command center in the back and also a fire exstigishers and 2 extra pairs of bunker gear other small tools and 2 scot packs.Ladder 1 it carries breathing apperatus hoses tools fire exstigishers venilation tools saws fans and a pair of the jaws of life and cutters and other extraction tools.s a 2004, peirce quamtom it has a 75 ft areial ladder.

This is engine 1 the main unit in the the town it goes to all calls it is a 2010 interatinal 7600 it carries medical eqipment tools air packs hoses a 2000 gpm pump the tank holds 2000 gallons of water also sevral other tools such as anoher pair of the jaws of life and cutters also it carries a 30 ft ladder and a 2000 gallon a minut deck gun.

This is mec 3 (reserve) it carries everything medic 1 carries exapet drugs.it is a 1996 ford e 350.

This is an areial veiw of all of Hazards fire apperatus.

This s medic 1 is a 2003 GMC toppick.This is a als ambulance its eqiped with  a strker power strecher,oxogen bottles and othr medical supplys such as backboards ivs andneck braces.

this is tanker 1 it has a 10000 galln nk scott packs hose hook ups and a 25 ft stick ladder.It is a 2010 internatinal 7600.

This is rescue 1 it runs as a bls unit.Rescue 1 is a 2010 spartingladiator evilution x.It carries medical supplies and it arries jaws of life and cutters. It carries tools and vechial extrction items with backbards and rescuing tools and scot pack.